BIM-ba works on WordPress, this means that you will need a self hosted installation of WordPress to run the plugin. You CAN’T install BIM-ba on a website hosted on In the appropriate section I will show you how to install WordPress on a web server or how to install it on your own computer. Once you have WordPress installed, it’s super easy to install BIM-ba.

Why WordPress?

There are two answers for this question:

  1. I use WordPress everyday. I am an architect, each time I start a project, I publish a new website: it helps me store and share data with clients, teammates and contractors, and keep a log of everything going on in the design and construction phase without writing a single email. I have a multisite installation for my firm, so I can set up a new website in just few seconds. Along with posts, pages, images and documents, I wanted a tool to show the design in progress to the client, possibly in an interactive, immersive way. I tryed some plugins, then stumbled upon A-Frame and started to work on BIM-ba. BIM-ba may be clumsy if confronted with other software, but it has one advantage: it only needs a browser and a WordPress installation.
  2. BIM-ba takes advantage of all the WordPress environment. I use lots of WP functions and classes to make my plugin work, for instance all the database calls, the custom post types, the taxonomies; I also use other WP plugins to speed up my development, especially CMB2 to handle the input forms. In few words, working from the inside of WP lets me focus on the plugin functionalities, while the user interface is already there.