has moved from a WordPress installation to a Django / Wagtail CMS one. Why?

Yeah, why?

I started using WordPress in 2010, ten years after my first approach to web design. In 2012 I learned PHP, and dived deeper in WP's code. At the end of 2016 I stumbled upon the A-Frame library, and quickly delivered a WP plugin. A friend of mine teased me: "You're nuts, you're trying to do graphics with PHP!" He was right. I was already aware that programs like GIMP, Blender and FreeCAD are all accessible via Python, so all I had to do was to learn Python!

You're nuts, you're trying to do graphics with PHP! - A. Ricci


I took the "Learn Python The Hard Way" tour and was delighted: finally I was forced to work with Powershell (yes, I'm on Windows), Virtualenv, Github and so on, while my former tools where just XAMPP and Tortoise SVN. Of course my CMS of choice was Django, with Wagtail to fill in the framework. You know what I'm talking about, hours and hours of frustration and hard work, that's what you get when you leave the highway of WordPress's five minutes installation for the trails of Django deployment, lost in virtual environments, attacked by Apache modules...

Why isn't everything done in Python? - Audrey Roy Greenfeld

What's next

But in the end it was worth it, the website works, and I have a couple of Django apps that I will show you in the next weeks, and that should be the kernel of this new, pythonesque BIM-ba.

Everything python

Why isn't everything done in Python?