BIM (Building Information Modeling / Management) is the revolution in the construction industry: buildings are no more treated as concrete boxes but as databases! The whole process of designing, constructing and maintaining is seamless, and really looks like a CMS, where different users work to enrich the same set of data.

With this in mind, I thought of developing a BIM using a CMS as a framework. The first time I shared the idea was in this post of three years ago (in italian). In the meanwhile I went deeper in WordPress plugin development, and started using WordPress as a working tool. I am an architect, each time I start a project, I publish a new website: it helps me store and share data with clients, teammates and contractors, and keep a log of everything going on in the design and construction phase without writing a single email.

Last december I stumbled upon A-Frame, a Javascript library that can transform any web page into a Virtual Reality experience. I immediately realized that A-Frame was the engine I needed to make my WordPress BIM, so I put myself into work.