DXF 2 VR is a Wagtail app that reads a DXF file and converts it to VR via the A-Frame library. DXF files are exchange files generated by AutoCAD and the majority of CAD programs. DXF are human readable, you can open them in a text editor and have a delightful lecture.

How it works.

The associated Wagtail model reads the DXF file that you uploaded and prepares a dictionary of useful data. The data is passed to the template that translates it into A-Frame entities, plain and simple. The model lets you set up colors and images for every layer you created in the DXF file. By now only 3Dfaces and some special blocks (cube, cone, cylinder and sphere) can be translated, but I'm planning to add meshes into the list. That is particulary important, because it means I'll be able to translate downgraded solids. But blocks are going to be my spearhead: do you remember attributes? That's how I'm going to store informations about materials, weighs, insulation and so on.

An example

I'm working on it. Note the equirectangular image that wraps the whole scene and the shadows (yes, shadows, thanks to Don McCurdy)! Press 'F' or the visor icon for fullscreen view, W-A-S-D to move around. On mobiles the visor icon splits the image in two, for stereoscopic view.