A basic Building Information Modeler


  • BIM-ba is a basic Building Information Modeler. BIM is a “process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places”.
  • BIM-ba is a Wagtail app AND a WordPress plugin. Currently the first is under development, while the latter is rather neglected.
  • The Wagtail app is on Github. You may download / install the WP plugin from the plugin repository.
  • BIM-ba as a Wagtail app loads a DXF (Drawing Exchange File, a human readable CAD format) and shows it in Virtual Reality on your website. As a WP plugin it lets you model a room / apartment in the backend of your WordPress installation.
  • Bimba means little girl in italian. Little but with great expectations!

Here you can see some examples.

How it works

  • BIM-ba uses a special Javascript library, A-Frame, to render the model.
  • As a Wagtail app, modeling happens on CAD, while in the backend you apply colors and images.
  • As a WP plugin, modeling itself happens in the backend, some forms help you in the data input process.

Who should use it?

  • BIM-ba may be used by designers and architects who want to show their creations to clients in a simple and straightforward way.
  • Everything (almost) happens in your website, modeling and display, no other application needed.
  • BIM-ba may be used also on the building site, as a survey and control tool.

What’s this site for?

  • This site will provide instructions to use the plugin and examples.
  • BIM-ba is a work in progress, advances and setbacks will be treated in a series of articles.
  • It will be a playground or a working place for those who want to use the web to develop their projects and interact with their clients.

About the author

Andrea Guerra is an architect and developer in his spare time. He also draws comics. He lives and works in Rome.

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